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Conf. Dr. Nicolae Leopold

Dark field hyperspectral imaging

Dark field microscope with hyperspectral camera

Hyperspectral microscope images appear very similar to a traditional optical microscope image with one important difference. Each pixel of a hyperspectral image provides the complete reflectance spectral response of that pixel’s spatial area within the VNIR or SWIR spectral range. This enables nondestructive spectral measurements of nanoscale elements in the full spatial context of the sample image.

Dark field microscope, hyperspectral imaging
Charactersitics: spectral range 400-1000 nm, motorized stage, spatial resolution 1 um
CytoViva hyperspectral imaging can be acquired in either the visible near-infrared (VNIR 400 nm – 1,000 nm) wavelength ranges as well as in the short wave infrared (SWIR 900 nm – 1,700 nm) wavelength ranges.


Prof. dr. Nicolae Leopold
Prof. dr. Romulus Tetean
Conf. dr. Zoltan Balint
Lect. dr. Roxana Dudric
PhD student Stefania D. Iancu
MSc student Alexandra M. Chiriac
MSc student Oana M. Biro

Contact: Dr. Nicolae Leopold

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