Research Interests

My research interests are focused on the structural and magnetic, and electronic properties of rare earth - 3d transition metal intermetallic compounds and oxides. These materials are studied both in bulk and thin film/nanocomposite form, from both fundamental and applicative perspectives. My current research is focused primarily on magnetic materials for energy, namely magnetocaloric materials and permanent magnets. My secondary research interests are related to materials for spintronic applications, such as polarized spin sources and spintronic devices.

I was involved in several research projects from 2012 to 2017:
- PN-II-ID-PCE-2012-4-0470 "Interphase Exchange Coupling in Hard/Soft Magnetic Nanocomposites".
- PN-II-RU-TE-2014-4-2360 "Physics and Fabrication of Magnetic Thin Films".
- PN-II-PT-PCCA-2013-4-0971 "High energy efficient permanent magnets without rare-earth elements"

Students who wish to conduct their Bachelor or Master Theses on these subjects under my supervision are encouraged to contact me by e-mail at,, or directly in room 221, main BBU building, 2nd floor.