Resources for Students

Suggested reading:

Sorin Dan Anghel - "Bazele Electronicii Analogice și Digitale".

Sorin Dan Anghel - "Principii ale Proceselor de Măsurare cu Senzori".

Michael E. Schultz - "Grob's Basic Electronics".

Owen Bishop - "Electronics Circuits and Systems".

D. M. Pozar - "Microwave Engineering"

Other Resources:

SciDAVis Free plotting and data analysis software.

LTspice Free Pspice tool used in the seminar.

Graph tutorial - useful for the lab reports.

Breadboards explained - how to use a breadboard.

Electronic Components Explained - useful for identifying the components used in the lab.

Resistor Color Code Guide - useful for identifying resistor values.

XYZs of Oscilloscopes - oscilloscope operating basics.

Karnaugh Maps - basics of boolean function minimization using Karnaugh maps.

Karnaugh Maps Exercises - another Karnaugh map tutorial with several exercises.